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Your home should always feel safe and comfortable, but a break-in can ruin your sense of security. Knowing someone has picked through your things, stealing clothes, jewelry and personal treasures can be hard to get over. This is why protecting your home against such an invasion of privacy is important. If you want a solution to this problem, then the home security experts at Lockworks Unlimited, Inc. can help.

Our Bay Area locksmithing and security system company has helped secure homes since 1994. We have over 50 years of combined experience helping families keep their homes safe. We can help provide your home with innovative security systems, security cameras and alarm systems.

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How Do Home Security Systems Work?

Security systems are as much about deterrence as they are about securing your home. If a thief is casing your home for a potential robbery, they are less likely to choose your home if they see that you have security measures.

Home security cameras increase the likelihood of police catching that burglar. Homes that have motion detection, door and window sensors, and/or video monitoring also present a danger to criminals. These systems are often directly linked to the authorities, reducing police response times. This makes it harder for a thief to escape the consequences of their actions, and they know it. Criminals will avoid homes that have security systems installed.

Our Redwood City experts in home security are here to help keep you and your family safe! Call (650) 955-4662 or contact us online today to get started.

What Is the Best Redwood City Home Security System for My Family?

Various home security systems work in different ways. There are self-contained systems that use sensors to detect intrusions. There are systems that use a combination of motion sensors and cameras to detect intruders. Some systems use landlines to communicate with authorities, while others use cellular connections. Your family’s individual needs will determine what security measures your alarm system will have.

If you have many windows, you will need sensors for them. The number of external doors on your house could also play a part. Do you have a separate garage or storage building? You may need to consider options to protect those as well. At Lockworks Unlimited, Inc. we will send an experienced technician to your home. They will evaluate your security needs and help you make the best decision to help secure your home.

installing a security system can be complex

Why Do It Yourself Home Security Systems May Be a Bad Idea

Installing a security system in your house can be a very complex task. As mentioned before, several factors come into play when choosing the right option for your home. Off-the-shelf security solutions do not always offer versatile or reliable products.

Recent news reports say that some retail smarthome security cameras are vulnerable to hacking. These systems use your home WIFI network to function, but weak cybersecurity can compromise them. Certain Ring video doorbells were also recalled due to fire concerns. Relying on an experienced Bay Area security company can help you avoid products that could compromise your home security.

Don't take a chance with your home security. Call (650) 955-4662 for expert home security services in Redwood City, CA.

Are Home Security Systems Worth It?

Where you live, and the crime rate in that area often contribute to whether getting a home security system will be right for you. This means you may need to do research to truly understand the threat of crime in your neighborhood. Here in Redwood City, that means checking out crime maps for burglary, home invasions and robberies. You can also check the national sex offender map to see if there are any individuals who could threaten your family’s safety. Crime reports are available only, and you can check out the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office Twitter for updates in your area.

Monitoring these criminal activities will not only give you a better idea about what is happening in your community, it can help keep you safer. You can also check with your local Neighborhood Watch to see if there has been any suspicious activity nearby.

Have More Questions About Home Security?

When it comes to protecting your family, nothing is more important. That is why you need reliable and home security that alerts authorities and deters criminal activity. But knowing what solutions best fit your home can be tricky. Consult the home security experts at Lockworks Unlimited, Inc. We understand the need to keep your home safe. Call (650) 955-4662 for a free consultation and discover how we can help you.

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