When people think about protecting their home, they often only think of the belongings on the inside. For many homes, the backyard is a treasure trove of valuable equipment and items that should remain protected. With so many vulnerabilities on the outside of the home, it’s a good idea to consider backyard security, such as specialty locks and hardware for a number of your items. Knowing what items to protect and the types of locks a locksmith can install will help your valuables stay safe in the long run.


Many homeowners chose to store a lot of outdoor items inside of a shed. The value of these items can quickly add up. This may include lawn mowers, power tools, gardening tools, lawn decorations and chairs. Keeping these items safe from theft and vandals can help you feel secure with the shed you own.

This is why it’s a good idea to hire a locksmith for the installation of a hasp lock. A hasp lock offers a secure barrier over the face of the door and will ensure that the lock or hardware cannot be easily pulled off.

Depending on the type of shed door you have, it may be a good idea to have multiple hasps installed on both the top and bottom of the door. This is especially true for a material like wood. It will help prevent the wood from being yanked, smashed or cracked by vandals.

If the shed has windows, a locksmith can check to ensure that they are properly locked and install an extra lock as needed.

Barbecue Areas

A backyard barbecue is a great way to cook a variety of meals, but it is also filled with some valuable equipment. The grill, propane tank and cooking accessories can cost hundreds of dollars after everything is all set up.
Instead of rolling the grill away every time you cook, you can secure it in your backyard. Mixing a typical grill cover with some locking clips will make it easy to secure your grill and prevent anyone from accessing the various parts and the grill itself.

Secure locks can be added to the grill, and high-security keys can help prevent the locks from being jammed or broken into. Aside from a tarp, a chain could also be attached to the legs of the grill and attached to something more secure on your home or patio. A locksmith can provide a secure lock and key to go with the chain.

Pool Areas

Swimming pools can invite all sorts of trouble to your home if they are not safeguarded properly. There are many parts of the pool you should consider adding locks on. One of these areas is the pool gate itself. Prevent people or animals from getting into the pool area by securely locking the gate.

An alarm padlock can be installed on the gate. This has a loud indicator to showcase when anyone has opened the gate improperly or does not use the proper code.

Smaller locks should also be used on the pool function control boxes. This includes controls for lights, filters, and other things your pool may have. Damage to these could cost hundreds of dollars. Then, keeping them running can increase your electric bill.

If you have a pool house or some type of poolside storage unit, you should have this area protected as well. Locks and keypads will make it easy to keep pool floats, swimming accessories and deck furniture all protected from vandalism and theft. You can effectively keep crime away from your property.

At Lockworks Unlimited, our professional team can assist you with all your backyard security needs and do a full survey of your backyard.