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What Do I Do If I’m Locked Out of My Car?

I just got locked out of my car, what do I do now? Do not worry. Getting locked out of your car is a common occurrence and is more embarrassing than harmful. Whether someone stole your keys, you lost them or you locked your keys in the car, you have options.

Our California car locksmith company has gathered some of those choices to help. But remember, some options are better than others, so we’ve also included their pros and cons.


Am I Really Locked Out of My Car?

This happens more than many of us would like to admit. The vehicle door refuses to open and we panic. You need to be across town in half an hour, you have to pick up the kids, you have a doctor’s appointment… Though these commitments are all important and missing them would be bad, taking a moment to stay calm may keep you on time.

Before you call for help, double-check every door on your car and the trunk. An unlocked door could save you both expense and embarrassment. Do you have a spare key? Check your pockets, wallet or purse. Maybe a spouse or friend can easily retrieve your spare key.


Should I Unlock My Car Door Myself?

The next option many consider is trying to unlock the door yourself. There are many DIY options. However, they can come with costly consequences.

    • Pump Wedge – Many professionals carry this tool. It inflates to open a gap between a door and the vehicle’s frame. This will allow you to slip a small tool in and press the unlock button. But it takes an experienced hand. If you over-inflate this tool, you could damage your car door. Such damage could cause hundreds of dollars in damage.
    • Coat Hanger – There are many ways to use a coat hanger to unlock your car. If you manage to open a small gap between the door and car frame, the hanger wire could fit in. This will allow you to press the unlock button or hook the locking post. There is even a method where you slip the hanger past the weather stripping on the window and hook the locking mechanism near the door handle. Note that this method also runs the risk of causing hundreds of dollars in damage.
  • Breaking a Window – Another method you can use is breaking the window, but there are a lot of drawbacks. First, auto glass is hard to break. Windshields are shatter resistant, and manufacturers temper side glass. You will need a sharp tool to break them. Second, glass is dangerous. Shattering it could inflict cuts on your arms or body. If you get any in your eyes, you might have to go to the hospital. Third, replacing the window could again cost hundreds of dollars. Avoid breaking a window unless it is an emergency, such as rescuing a trapped child or pet.

Even in the best of situations, you will require a tool of some sort to unlock a car yourself. Doing so risks causing expensive damage to your vehicle too. Also, it may appear that you are trying to break into and steal the car. If your wallet or ID is also locked in your vehicle, it could mean a trip to the police station to sort things out.


Why Should I Call an Auto Locksmith Near Me If I Am Locked Out of My Car?

As we mentioned before, getting into a locked car without a key requires the right tools. Our California car locksmiths have those tools. We can help you get into your vehicle without causing unnecessary and expensive damage. If you have roadside assistance, it may cover our 24 hour locksmithing services. Check your policy to find out. Auto warranties, car insurance, auto clubs and even certain credit cards also cover vehicle lockouts.

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