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How Much Does a Duplicate Car Key Cost?

There are many reasons why you should duplicate your car key. First, keys get lost. Having a backup set can save the day. Second, it can prove useful to give spare keys to your family members, teenage drivers, and even a neighbor. Nothing is more frustrating than losing your keys or locking your keys in your car and not being able to retrieve them. Having a duplicate car key can save you time, money, and hassle.

Unfortunately, many individuals do not get a duplicate car key because they are concerned about the cost. These days, cars are equipped with high-tech car keys. As such, there are concerns about paying for duplicate car keys that are only needed in an emergency.

So, how much does it cost to duplicate car keys?


Factors That Can Affect the Cost of a Duplicate Car Key


1. Who Makes the Duplicate Car Key

Depending on who makes the duplicate, you could end up spending a lot of money. A dealership will cost even more than hiring a locksmith, often because dealer costs are higher. If you take your car keys to a local hardware store, they will simply duplicate the key in the machine. Hardware store employees cannot ensure that the key fits your car or will work as intended.


2. Type of Car Key

The make and model of your vehicle is an important component in determining the cost. It will cost more to duplicate your key if you have a newer or luxury vehicle. Older vehicles may have simpler keys that could reduce the cost. It is important to look up information about your specific key model before you call around to get price estimates from locksmiths. Basic car keys are not all that common these days. Keys now utilize key fobs, transponder chips, remote parts, laser cut keys, and switchblade keys. In some cases, it may be a better idea to order a replacement key.


3. Type of Duplication Machine Used

When duplicating your car key, the type of machine used will also affect the cost. The car key duplicator machine used determines the amount of time it will take to duplicate the key and how complex it is to duplicate. The more time it takes to duplicate a key, the higher the cost. A more precise machine will make more precise key cuts, but that takes time and raises the cost.


4. Should You Duplicate Your Car Key or Replace It?

There are times when it is best to duplicate your car key and times when reordering a new one is the preferred choice. Today’s cars have keyless entry, and some have fobs that need reprogramming. In these situations, reordering a new key may be the best bet. A new key may be expensive, but it may be your best option.

In other situations, duplicating a key is the easier and preferred option. You may simply need an emergency set, and if your car is older, a duplicate car key is best.

Duplicating a car key is much cheaper than many people realize. However, there are some factors that could increase the price of the key. When you are locked out of your car and unable to get to work or school, having a duplicate car key is priceless.


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