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Is Your Garage Door Secure?

What aspect of home security is often neglected by homeowners across the United States? Garage door security. Often homeowners believe that simply having a garage door opener is enough to keep thieves out of their garage. However, residents throughout the Palo Alto area are discovering that simply having an opener may not be all the security they need.

Thieves can use a wire to trip the door release on many garage door opener models. If you hide a key to your garage door outside, you may be asking for trouble if a thief finds it. Therefore, homeowners should take extra steps to safeguard their garage and deter burglars. Garage door security is an important part of home security. Without it, home invaders may have an easy time breaking into your house and stealing your belongings.


Garage Door Security Steps You Can Take Today!

An overhead garage door is often a weak entry point. That’s why nearly 10 percent of all home burglars use the garage door to break into a home. If you want to beef up your garage security, here are 5 easy steps you can take today.

  1. Obscure Garage Windows. Thieves frequently use garage windows when looking for valuables. You can deter burglars by keeping your expensive items out of sight. To do this easily, consider adding frosted film to windows. This will prevent snooping burglars and still let the light in.
  2. Add a Smart Door Opener. You can add a smart opener to monitor the status of your garage door. When someone opens your garage, this opener will send notifications to your phone. This enables you to notify law enforcement when your garage opens suddenly.
  3. Pick Up Remote. Do not leave your garage door opener in your car. This is the easiest way for thieves to get into your home. Instead, make a habit of keeping the remote in your purse or in your coat pocket.
  4. Install Lighting. Thieves often like to operate in darkness. To deter criminal activity, consider installing motion-detecting floodlighting. When someone comes onto your property, these lights will detect their motion and turn on – illuminating your garage and home.
  5. Install a Garage Lock. You can install a garage lock that attaches to the inside of the door. Once you are safely inside your garage, you can lock it behind you as an added layer of protection.

No matter what type of garage system you currently have, Lockworks Unlimited, Inc. can help you evaluate your security needs and improve your garage security.


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