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Seven Tips to Help Deter Porch Pirates

Did you know that between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve, UPS and FedEx will deliver more than 2 billion packages? Thieves know this very well. That’s why porch pirates increase their activity during the holiday season.

Experts expect online shoppers to spend an estimated $207 billion this holiday season. That means shipping companies will be delivering mountains of packages to businesses, homes and residences across the country. It also means more theft and burglary opportunities for porch pirates.

To prevent becoming a victim, there are ways you can increase security around your home and deter criminals from taking off with your packages.


Follow These Seven Tips to Stop Porch Pirates

More than sixty percent of all Americans know someone who has had packages stolen outside their home by porch pirates. To keep your packages safe, consider following these seven tips.


  1. Install an outdoor security camera. Home security cameras can deter porch pirates and help identify them. Smart cameras with AI-based technology are one great option.
  2. Install motion-activated lights. Porch pirates like to be discrete. Motion sensor lights can make it difficult to work undetected.
  3. Use a smart system to make it look like you’re home. Most thieves don’t want to steal packages from a house where someone might be home. You can make it look like you are home with smart home systems that will turn on lights, play music and more.
  4. Use video doorbells and other smart doorbell cams. Doorbell cameras are another great way to deter thieves. Many will leave the moment they detect surveillance of any kind.
  5. Ship to an Amazon locker or FedEx Office. If you know you won’t be home to collect your packages, have them shipped to a local FedEx Office or an Amazon locker. There are many Amazon lockers located throughout most major cities.
  6. Invest in a porch lockbox. Many companies now have porch lockboxes you can purchase to receive packages. Only the delivery service has the combination, so you won’t have to worry about porch pirates.
  7. Ask for nondescript packaging. High-quality items attract porch pirates. Packages that let thieves know what is inside are more likely to be stolen. When you’re buying an iPhone, something from an expensive jewelry store or other high-end items, ask for nondescript packaging to help hide their value.

Want to stop porch pirates? Call a local security company. At Lockworks Unlimited, Inc., we can come out to your home to assess your security needs. We offer state-of-the-art security solutions, such as motion-activated lights, outdoor cameras and more!


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