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Crime Returning to Pre-Pandemic Level, Is Your Home Secure Enough?

During the start of the pandemic, crime rates dropped throughout the Bay Area and Palo Alto. Unfortunately, now, the Palo Alto crime rate is back to pre-pandemic levels. Three Midpeninsula cities have seen an uptick in crime rates, including Palo Alto, Mountain View, and Menlo Park. Thieves in these areas have been hitting homes, businesses and cars, leaving residents to wonder how they can best protect their property.

The best way to protect your property from theft, burglary, or other crimes is to contact experienced security professionals. Your security professional can come to your home and evaluate your risks and needs. They can then develop a plan to best protect the things you value most. This may include security systems, safes, new locks and more. Even if you are on a budget, there are ways you can protect your property from thieves.


The Palo Alto Crime Rate: Top 10 Ways to Protect Your Property

Did you know that most burglaries take place during the day? This means that you need a security plan in place for daytime as well as nighttime. Most burglars want to get in and out of a home in less than 10 minutes. As such, the more you can slow them down, the better. Here are 10 ways you can protect your property even during spikes in the Palo Alto crime rate.

  1. Lock doors and windows during the day and night
  2. Landscape better, not more (make fewer places for burglars to hide)
  3. Put up a fence to keep out intruders
  4. Install double-key deadbolts
  5. Upgrade doors and locks
  6. Install motion sensor lighting if possible
  7. Invest in a high-tech security system
  8. Secure sliding glass doors and other entryways
  9. Get a safe to protect valuables
  10. Change the locks if you are a new homeowner or renter

A professional locksmith can help you upgrade your locks and security system – no matter what your budget may be. Protecting your property and valuables does not have to be overwhelming. Even something as simple as changing out the locks can have a significant effect on your overall safety.


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