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4 Different Types of Locks and How to Pick Them

Are you trying to choose a lockset for your home or office? Rather than standing in the middle of a hardware store with little or no direction, consider having a discussion with your local locksmith. At Lockworks Unlimited, Inc., a locksmith at our Redwood City store can help you take the guesswork out of choosing a lock.


Types of Locks and How to Choose Them

Below, we discuss four of the most common types of locksets and where they are commonly found. This can help you pick the lock for your needs.


Privacy Lockset

A privacy lockset is typically used in bathrooms and bedrooms to guarantee a certain standard of privacy. They often have a small hole on the outside and a push-button on the inside.

Privacy locksets are not designed to be the main locking device since they can be easily opened with a pen or paperclip. Instead, the design offers a certain level of privacy in your home — signaling to others that it is an occupied room.


Classroom Lockset

A classroom lockset is nearly always used for a classroom. There is no button on the inside of this lock. Instead, the door can remain unlocked with the assistance of a key.

A full turn of the key will lock or unlock the door. This means only the person with the key can control whether the room is accessible. This is an easy way to ensure students are safe during school hours.


Entry Lockset

The most common type of lock — found both in homes and offices alike — is an entry lockset. This lock has a manual latch or knob on the inside, making it possible to lock the door from the non-entry side.

An entry lockset is also locked and unlocked from the outside with a key. These locks are used on front and back doors to ensure no one may enter a home or business outside of regular hours without permission from the owner.


Storeroom Lockset

A storeroom lockset is always locked and must be opened with a key each time you wish to enter. There is no button or function on the inside, and there is no way to leave the door open unless the doorway is blocked. This is ideal for supply closets and storage rooms, which are rarely entered but always locked.


Other Types of Locksets

There are additional lock-types, include the passage lockset. This option is not truly a lock. It simply keeps the door latched to the frame. These are commonly found on closets or standard doors that do not need locking.

Other lock options are available upon request. An experienced locksmith will be able to walk you through your choices for your home or commercial business. Be sure to choose a local locksmith who will be able to witness your needs firsthand. California lock repair and solutions can be much easier with these professionals around.


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