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How Did You Get Locked Out of Your Dorm?

The semester is over! All that’s left is to wrap up finals, get your stuff packed, and move home to enjoy a nice summer break. Soon you will be able to look back on all of the lessons you learned this semester and smile. But, what life lessons did you learn this semester?

Did you learn that you should eat all your vegetables to avoid getting sick? Did you learn that the best way to be on time to class is to set out early? Did you learn not to leave your dorm room or apartment without a key?

Losing a key is often one of the first things that happen to new college students. It is a lesson that often costs time and precious cash. New students quickly discover that they must pay a price for getting locked out. Whether it is paying a fine to your college, having to buy a new key or calling a locksmith for help, you will spend money to get back inside your room. At Lockworks Unlimited, Inc., we have seen it all. Here are four of the top reasons college students get locked out of their dorm and what you can do to not get locked out


1. The Quick Step Out

How many of you have stepped out of your room to say hi to someone, then turned back to find your door closed and locked? Did you step out to fix yourself food in the communal kitchen just to discover your room locked itself while you ate? Was the stuffed animal you used as a doorstop too light to prevent the door from shutting?

There are plenty of ways that taking a quick step out can lead to disaster. Keep a key on a lanyard and wear it as a necklace to help prevent this. Not into turning your key into a fashion statement? Keep a key hook next to your door to make it easy to take your key with you if you need to take a quick step out.


2. Gotta Get to Class

Being on time to class takes on a new meaning in college. In high school, you most likely were not paying for school. In college, you are dumping tens of thousands of dollars into your education every semester. Missing class time can actually cost you a lot of money. Professors who want to emphasize this lesson will have quizzes at the beginning of class so being late will have an effect on your grade. However, this may result in you rushing to class. When you get in a rush, keys can get forgotten. To prevent this, try packing a spare key in your backpack with your supplies for class.


3. Catching ZZZs

Taking a midday nap is something many college students enjoy if they work their schedules properly. Getting up from that nap can be hard though. A groggy mind forgets important things like keys. This is also true of when you get up first thing in the morning. At college, parents are not there to make sure you get to school on time.

The first best solution is to set an alarm on your phone. Be sure to set it with enough lead time for you to get ready and travel to where you need to be. You can also set multiple alarms so you can’t just hit the snooze button and keep sleeping. If you have a roommate, ask them if they wouldn’t mind checking to make sure you are up before they head out.


4. End of the Semester

The semester may be over, but you still have a lot to finish up before classes are well and truly over. Some of you still have finals to study for, some of you are getting your graduation plans in order. These things all add up to extra stress, and that can cause forgetfulness. Need to move out of your dorm or apartment in a hurry? Keys get forgotten all the time when transporting boxes to cars. Take some time and don’t rush. Get in the habit of checking your pockets every time you step out of your door. Count it out: 1. Wallet/purse. 2. Keys. 3. Phone. 4. Keys. 5. Laptop. 6. Keys. 7. Headphones…


Still Need Help? Our Redwood City Locksmith Is on Call

Getting locked out of your apartment or dorm is frustrating and quite common. Those of you who have experienced this annoyance probably also remember how much it cost to fix the error. Sometimes school fines and replacement key costs make calling a locksmith a more cost-effective option.

Remember, just because you have already learned not to go anywhere without a key doesn’t mean you won’t drop or lose it somewhere. Be prepared. It happens to the best of us. Program (650) 299-9126 into your phone, just in case. Our locksmiths are available 24/7 and we can unlock your car too!

For those who are graduating, congratulations and good luck with your future pursuits. For those who aren’t graduating, we’ll see you next semester.

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