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If I Lose My Keys, Should I Worry About Burglars?

One of the simplest ways to prevent home burglary is to lock all exterior doors. So, why are nearly one-third of burglaries the result of an unlocked door? Sometimes people forget to lock their doors, sometimes their key gets lost or stolen. In some instances, burglars discover poorly hidden keys under the doormat or in a fake rock. These basic mistakes cost homeowners about $2,000 per incident. However, there are ways to prevent these break-ins.


Does Hiding My Key Prevent Home Burglary?

Not long ago, The Telegraph reported that burglaries in Britain were up. And what was the cause of this increase? An investigation determined that people were hiding a spare key under their doormats. Burglars took advantage of this habit and robbed many homes.

Burglars will look under mats, around door frames, and under plant pots. They know about the fake rocks and the garden gnomes guarding keys. Some may even read the same website and advice columns as homeowners. So, you should avoid placing a key anywhere near an entry door, and be cautious when using advice from the internet. Poorly hiding your key, or following bad advice could have serious consequences. Some insurance policies do not cover property lost when a burglar uses a key to access the home. These homeowner and renter policies sometimes only cover losses from a forced entry. This often-overlooked detail could lead to frustration for homeowners who already feels violated.


Other Home Security Mistakes to Avoid

You should also avoid carrying a spare key in your wallet. Keeping your key close at hand is always a good idea, but putting it in your wallet may not be. If you lose your wallet, or someone steals it, your home could become a target. Your wallet contains your name and home address. If your key is in your wallet too, you could be welcoming a thief into your home.

Also, avoid putting your home address or name on a keychain for the same reason.

If you lose a set of house keys, it is important to act fast. Hiring a California emergency locksmith for a lock change or rekeying may prevent a home burglary.


Should I Consider Adding Extra Security?

Though, a third of burglaries happen due to unlocked doors, 40 percent are due to forced entry. Protecting your home from burglary is about more than clever hiding places and who has your spare key. Consider the installation of a security system. Many thieves do not want to risk having their faces on a surveillance camera as they check a door or search for a key. Flashing lights and audible alarms are also a deterrent to anyone that wants to stay unnoticed.

If your locks are old, worn out or if you just need to upgrade, our locksmith in the Bay Area may be able to help. At Lockworks Unlimited, Inc., we know that even careful homeowners sometimes need help securing their doors. Have a broken or missing key? Is a lock not working as it should? Has your neighborhood experienced a rash of burglaries? We are on call 24/7 to help secure your home. We have the solutions that will help to keep your property and family safe. Call (650) 299-9126 or visit our contact page today!

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