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Are Smart Home Security Cameras Secure Enough?

Coronavirus cases continue to rise nationwide. Many people are making the decision to stay at home as much as possible. Are you one of these people? If so, then you may have started considering ways to better secure your home. It is important for you to feel completely safe inside your home. This is especially true during a global pandemic that shows no signs of slowing down. You can begin the process of securing your home by installing smart home security cameras. Closed-circuit televisions (CCTV) and smart security cameras are a part of any good home security system. Below, we explain the benefits of CCTV and smart home security cameras. We also address the hacking concerns that have plagued these devices.


Benefits of CCTV and Smart Security Cameras

The majority of commercial buildings make use of CCTV and smart security cameras. A growing number of homeowners are also having them installed in their homes. Here are some of the benefits you can expect to receive if you choose to do the same.


Deter Criminal Activity

Many criminals pre-plan their crimes. They often scout a house for days on end, looking for any potential blind spots. If a criminal sees CCTV and smart security cameras around your property, then he or she may rethink burglarizing your home. When installing CCTV and smart home security cameras, make sure they are as visible as possible.


Safely Monitor the Outside of Your Home

Every house has a certain amount of blind spots. These areas are difficult to see from inside your home. You can have CCTV and smart security cameras installed in these areas. Doing so will help increase your peace of mind. It will also give you the opportunity to review footage of these blind spots from the comfort of your home.


Easy to Maintain

One of the best benefits of installing smart home security cameras and CCTV is that they are easy to maintain. Once you have them installed, they require very little maintenance. You can rely on them to protect your home for years to come. If you experience any difficulties, then you can contact a California locksmith to help resolve the issue.


Concerns About Nest Hacks and Ring Hacks

Many smart home security cameras lack basic security features and protections. This makes them prime targets for hacking. If a hacker is successful, then he or she could potentially view your home security footage without your knowledge. He or she could also infect your device with malware and ensnare it into a botnet.

Both Amazon and Google have seen their smart security cameras come under attack for lacking basic security features. For example, critics allege the smart security cameras created by Ring, an Amazon-owned smart camera maker, use a weak form of two-factor authentication. They have a code sent to you by text message. These text messages are not secure and are open to interception. It is vital that tech companies prioritize security and privacy. Not only will it improve their products, but it will also keep their customers safe.


A Bay Area Locksmith Can Help Secure Your Home

Fortunately, the Bay Area locksmiths at Lockworks Unlimited, Inc. take these security concerns very seriously. We can install a safe and secure smart home security system in your home. This includes installing security cameras and CCTV around your property. For more information, please contact us at (650) 299-9126 or send us a message online. We provide residential locksmith services in Redwood City, San Carlos and other surrounding areas. Call today!

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