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Five Reasons Why a Smart Lock Is a Worthwhile Investment

Everyone wants to feel safe in their home. For many homeowners, the traditional lock and key method accomplishes this goal. Yet, as time passes, our needs as a society have changed. For example, the average American works over eight hours per workday. What do you do if a service provider needs access to your home while you are at work? You may not feel comfortable leaving a spare key or texting a code to this person. Installing digital locks would make this situation manageable. You would have the ability to lock or unlock your home using your smartphone.

Other reasons for investing in a smart lock include:


Tracking Who Enters and Exits Your Home

With a smart lock, you can see who enters and exits your home. You can also see the exact time that each activity took place. If you have children, then this function may prove useful. You can assign each family member an entry code. You can see when your children enter and exit your home. You will no longer have to wonder if your son or daughter is abiding by his or her curfew. You can see the exact time that he or she entered the house.


Additional Security

Digital locks are more secure than the traditional mechanical lock. Since there is no key to turn, they are much harder to break into. Additionally, manufacturers incorporate technologies into the locks that make them virtually tamper-proof.


Managing Other Household Devices

Many people use smart locks as the foundation of a home automation system. Once activated, other devices – like thermostats and lights – will react based on its status (locked or unlocked). This feature is convenient for anyone looking to conserve energy and save money.


Voice Command Features

Do you regularly forget to lock the door before going to sleep? Many smart locks offer a voice command feature. However, if your smart lock does not have a voice command feature, then you can lock your door by accessing a mobile app. Both ways are more convenient than having to get out of bed and manually lock the door.



You may assume that digital locks are more expensive than the traditional lock and key method. This is not accurate. For example, having a replacement key made is expensive. By adopting a keyless existence, you will save money in the long-term.


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