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3 Powerful Reasons to Use an Access Control System for Your Business

As a business owner, you need to keep your business secure during and after working hours. One tool you can use to keep your business as secure as possible is an access control system.

An access control system can provide you with greater control over who enters your building and when they enter your building. It can also allow you the power to remotely monitor access to your business.


1. Track Movement Through Your Business

One of the biggest benefits of installing an access control system is that it gives you the ability to regulate who has access to your business is that you will be able to monitor who enters your building and when they do so. There are two different ways you can set up your access control system: browser-based or server-based.



If you choose a browser-based system, all of the information about who can access your building as well as the historic entry and exit data will be stored online. You will be able to access this information from any web browser that allows you access to the system. The information should be stored on the main controller with the company that manages your access control system.



If you choose to go with a server-based information system, all of the entry and exit data collected from your access points will be stored on a local server. This could be a server located on-site or a remotely located server. With server-based storage, only an individual who has access to your server will be able to access the entry and exit information for your business.

If security is a concern for you, a server-based system that stores information about who accesses your building is the way to go. If having access to that information regardless of where you are at is important to you, a browser-based information storage system may be best.


2. Control Who Has Access to Your Business and When

Installing an access control system to your external and internal doors within your business will allow you to control who has access to your business and when they have access.

You can customize your system to determine what doors an individual can use, what time of day they can access those doors as well as what days of the week they have access. You can also customize the system so that a person’s access only works for a set period.

This can help you ensure employees are not accessing the building after hours or are entering rooms they do not need to access. For example, your secretary doesn’t need access to your building at midnight or on a Sunday afternoon, and your project manager doesn’t need access to the room where your computer mainframe is stored.Access control systems on your doors can allow you to have greater control over the flow of who goes where within your building. It can also help you track when employees are present and at work as well.


3. Keep Your Equipment Safe

Installing access control systems can also help you keep your valuables safe. With an access control system in place, you can limit who has access to highly valuable equipment, such as a computer mainframe or specialized equipment your business uses. You can ensure that only individuals with the right training have access to those areas of your business.

Setting up multiple control access points throughout your business can also help keep unwanted intruders out. A business that has multiple access control points in place is much harder to break into and rob than a business with a simple lock and key system. Installing access control points throughout your business can help keep it safe from intruders.

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